System Design Services

Provide professional design and engineering services that are required to support all phases of a physical security infrastructure project.

Infrastructure design services provided by architectural, electrical and mechanical engineering professionals that are licensed insured and have successful past experience in the planning and design of security camera systems, software and high performance communications networks with professionals either certified, or equivalent experience, by the manufacturer of the systems or with demonstrated competency in the engineering of the required systems.

The anticipated required infrastructure design disciplines will include, without limitation, architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical and provide engineering services, which include, but are not limited to:

A. Development of conceptual design drawings and technical specifications that demonstrate proof of concept and compliance with the customer project goals and objectives. A written summary of the design concept will be provided. The summary should cover the basis of design, assumptions made and a description of the remainder of the design to be developed. Implementation cost estimates will be submitted at the end of each design milestone.

B. Prepare design drawings and technical specification at 30%, 60%, 90% and 100% design milestones. Design deliverables should include plans, elevations, details, sections, specifications and narratives, as required to describe all requirements of the project.

C. Prepare and issue hard copies of the Design Drawings, Specifications and Narratives, as required, to the Authorized Company Representative and for Design Milestone Review.

D. Incorporate comments provided by the Authorized Company Representative and into subsequent design deliverables.

E. At the completion of Design Services, transmit multiple hard copies at the direction of the Authorized Company Representative and editable electronic version (use of which is subject to the terms and conditions of negotiated agreement) of the final documents to the Authorized Company Representative for review and delivery.